About Us

Kate bakes is a gluten-free energy bar company that focuses on producing wholesome snack bars for people who are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and everyone in between. Our bars are handmade in a dedicated gluten-free facility each week and are individually packaged for guaranteed freshness.

At Kate Bakes, we believe the power of ingredients. That's why we use only the highest quality ingredients in our bars and omit unnecessary items like refined sugar, oil and preservatives. 

Our Story

The story of Kate Bakes dates back to the Spring of 2007 when owner Kate Sornik began experiencing severe digestive issues. Shortly after getting sick, Kate began to change her diet in order to heal her body. One by one, she eliminated dairy, eggs, meat & gluten until finally her body was back to normal. 

While taking a break from law school in 2010, Kate began to focus all of her attention on her health. Frustrated by the lack of choices she could eat, she began to make her own snack bars packed with protein, fiber and whole grains. Kate not only developed a bar that was vegan & gluten-free, but also one that was free of refined sugars, oils and preservatives.

Kate began taking her homemade bars everywhere she went and soon drew the attention of her friends and family who couldn't believe something so healthy could taste so good. And thus, Kate Bakes was born.

Today, you can find Kate Bakes bars in over 45 retail locations across the East Coast as well as in our online store.

Thanks for checking us out. We hope that you love Kate Bakes bars as much as we do!